Food and your libido

Can you really eat your way to a higher libido?

Is there really a relationship between food and sex? And do certain foods really give you a boost to your libido? Does the way we eat affect the way we view sex?


Here are five thoughts on how food can positively affect your sex life.


They resemble genitalia


Here’s an obvious one. Maryanne Fisher, PhD, says some food might be considered sexy because they make us think erotic thoughts. I know you are now thinking of bananas, oysters, peaches or a chocolate lava cake. Maybe Dr. Fisher might be on to something.


They evoke a pleasant memory


We all equate a memory to a point in time, and in that point in time there is a place, a special someone, and perhaps a special meal. A “sexy” food for you might be hokkien mee, because that was what you had on your first date, because you know, add hum. 

They improve circulation


Foods like red meat are high in carnitine and L-arginine improve blood flow, that you require to your gentitalia for arousal and erections. Garlic has anticoagulant properties that encourage blood flow to your nether regions. Watermelon is rich in L-citrulline, an amino acid that supports the body in optimising blood flow.


They allow you to be playful


Have fun with whipped cream, strawberries, and champagne. Feeding each other food, or eating off each other can lead to a very sensual evening. Interestingly, this research links the strong connection between food and sex not to feeding per se, but to resource provision.


They let you feel good about your body


When you feel good about your body, you naturally feel better about doing the deed. We’re not talking about low body fat percentages, rather, a diet of clean foods that work in tandem with you to feeling healthy and confident. Research has shown that body positivity is associated with better sexual communication.


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