How a graduate project became Sexual Healing


Wow, what’s that? I’m not sure when I stumbled across the image, it must have been when I was scrolling through for accounts to follow on Instagram (for the business, I swear). Something very calming and soothing caught my eye. It was a picture of a lady holding an object that was facing her vulva. […]

It’s Best to Test

I’ve been pretty lucky so far not to have any problems with my health. I realised how little I knew about my health when my fiancée one day said: “I think you might have a small lump on your right breast, you should get it checked.” I replied: “Oh, okay.” I had no idea where […]

F is for Female: Zurina

Please tell us your name and profession. Hi! I’m Zurina Bryant, I’m both a Project Manager and Entrepreneur. During the day I work at Breathe Pilates as their Studio Manager, by night (and weekends) I co-own IB HQ Singapore (a bar) with my husband and also quite recently started a new business called Chit Chat […]

In love with a voice

I watched an unsettling movie over the weekend. A movie made in 2013, but evermore relevant today. A world where intimate letters to your loved ones are written by a stranger, where being romantically attracted to a digital (read: not real) person is so commonplace the only doubt your friend has is if you are […]

Is the idea of a soulmate killing your relationship?

I recently chanced upon a viral story: a zoo in Los Angeles euthanising an elderly lion couple – soulmates, they called them — so they would not have to live alone without each other. Hubert and Kalisa were inseparable from the day they met, much like my husband and myself, really, though I do not […]


I’ve always been a fan of fashion that takes inspiration from animals, be it print or jewllery. In a break from writing articles, I thought we’d take a lighthearted break and marvel at some lovely jewellery inspired by lady bosses of the animal kingdom.  THE ELEPHANT MATRIARCH In elephant families, knowledgeable matriarchs lead groups to water in […]

Do we have female sexual dysfunction and are we having less babies because of it?

The Singapore government is worried that our population is declining, and news articles say it’s because women are choosing careers over babies. But what if our declining birth rate is not because we are career minded, but because there is a substantial level of sexual dysfunction amongst us? If our country hopes to halt the […]


What is intimacy in a relationship? Is it in a touch or a feeling? Is it in the words you say, or the things you do? Without using a dictionary, intimacy to me, is the raw closeness between you and your partner.   It covers everything. The things you say to each other, the things […]

Masturbation doesn’t Just feel good, it is good

Hey, you know yourself best, so who better to give you an orgasm than yourself? Plus, if other people ain’t doing the job for you, then, who’s to say you can’t do a little self service every now and then. Orgasms have been known to release stress, tension and anxiety. Experimenting on yourself will allow […]

5 size inclusive swimwear brands that are not asos

In pre-Covid times (wow, is that going to be our time marker now?), now was usually when we began planning vacation itineraries and summer wardrobes. Here are some of our favourite size inclusive brands for you to bookmark, perhaps not for this year, but for when we can travel freely again. Mimi Kini   Mimi […]