I’ve always been a fan of fashion that takes inspiration from animals, be it print or jewllery. In a break from writing articles, I thought we’d take a lighthearted break and marvel at some lovely jewellery inspired by lady bosses of the animal kingdom. 


In elephant families, knowledgeable matriarchs lead groups to water in a drought. Males live separately and do not serve as leaders in the family group. Get these beautiful timeless earrings from Patrick Mavros.


A bee hive functions as a matriarchy – all the worker bees are female.  In the hive, the queen bee is the only female that lays eggs, and she will lay up an average of 1500 eggs daily throughout her life. Respect. The queen bee deserves only the best of jewellery.


Saving the best for the last! I love the lioness, not because I’m a Leo. Okay, yes, because I’m a Leo. 🙂 The lionesses get together in a group to do organised hunting for the pride, and while the lion does its bit occasionally especially with big prey, it’s the women doing most of the work, most of the time. Treat yourself with this beautiful necklace. 


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