Coronavirus: Spice up your sex life in 14 days

14 days, 14 ways.

Social distancing and self-quarantine have fast become buzzwords of 2020.  Around the world, people are stuck in their homes, couples have to now face each other 24/7.  If you’ve been in a relationship for five years and two months or more, you may find yourself facing a dwindling sex life, and daily bonks with your partner may not be the first thing on your mind. The 14 days spent together is the perfect excuse for bringing back your affection for each other and strengthening your relationship.


Here are 14 ways to bring that honeymoon sex back into your bedroom.


Role playing


Secretary, nurse, belly dancer, personal trainer, the list goes on. Without judgement and restrictions, be who you want to be for one night. Your gestures don’t have to be grand, make use of items you can use as props around the house; even a wig, change in tone of voice or a pair of glasses is enough to transform into someone else. To further kick it up a notch, write out a short screenplay of 2 – 5 minutes that will get you in character, here are some to get you inspired.


Sex toys


Sex toys are not just for solo fun, they can also be enjoyed between couples. Online shopping for sex toys together can bring about discussions of what you like and bring you closer in your relationship.




More than intercourse, sexual “outercourse” should also be an important part of your relationship. There are many pressure points on our bodies that can help us to relax and be comfortable. The best sex does not always have to be wall-banging and hurried. Stress of performance pressure in the bedroom is a big factor of failing to be aroused.




It’s not a secret that open, transparent communication is important to maintaining a healthy relationship. No matter what anybody tells you, no one is a mind reader, and trying to guess what your partner likes may do more harm than good.


Try new sex positions


Perhaps you have some sex positions filed away in the back of your mind that you have never tried with your partner. Because of work, the kids, and that dang alarm clock, you always resort to what you know best (not that that’s not great either!). Now with all that extra time together, take your pick from this list of 46 sex positions.


Doing it in a part of the house you would never want to


There are so many rooms and corners in the house, why do you only have sex on your bed? Ah, because you only ever had time to each other in bed, after work. Well, the situation’s changed, and you’d be hard pressed not to bump into each other in the kitchen, living room, hallway. Get the pun? A new location can make what was previously mundane sex new and exciting.


Watching porn


Watching porn together can make a relationship healthier, says sex psychologist Dr Ari Tuckman.  It may be useful in building intimacy between couples. Of course, the polite thing to do would be not to just spring it up on your partner on the 46” TV screen in the middle of the day when you’re having lunch with the kids, but plan the right setting for it. Couples Counselor and Dating Coach Samantha Burns, LMHC, says that ultimately, the goal is to enhance sex between partners.


Non penetrative sex


Non penetrative sex can bring about ground-breaking orgasms too. There are so many ways to turn your partner on; oral sex and playful touching are just some of them. Be experimental today, and have a rule in bed, just for tonight, that no penetration is allowed. This little game will bring you closer in bed, and more in touch with each other.




Women who masturbate regularly are more in tune with their own sexual desires. Mutual masturbation in a relationship can open your partner’s eyes to what you like. This in turn can open couples’ eyes to what each one likes, and enjoys, leading to better and happier sex.


Read erotic literature together


Doing this small activity together may be useful in putting some zing back into your sex life, and help you get into the mood.




Surprise naughty texts always put a smile on your partner’s face. When was the last time you made your partner feel that you were thinking about them, in that way? If you’re working in different areas of the house, send a playful text or picture and get the heat turned up for tonight.


Do it with your clothes on


Most times, couples lose the passion or gasp even interest to have sex with each other because they don’t feel it’s exciting anymore. The format is always the same, shower, lie in bed, remove clothes, hump, kiss goodnight and then to sleep. Where is the passion that you had in the beginning, where you went out on a dinner date and left early to go home because you couldn’t wait to tear into each other at the restaurant. On day 12 of your self-quarantine, try doing the deed with your clothes on, grabbing your partner’s tee in your clenched fists, and dry hump your way to a welcome orgasm.


Act out a fantasy


You have one, and your partner must have one too. This is the chance for a “free pass” on both sides to act out your deepest, most kinky fantasy. Although, fantasies don’t have tobe elaborate, here are some that lie in the vein of normal (but remember, stay indoors!). Last note here, do not be afraid to stop midway if one partner feels uncomfortable.


Try it with a blindfold


When you have one sense shut off, the other senses work harder to process information for you. Removing your sense of sight will make you more aware of each other’s breathing, touch, skin.

After these 14 days, it might even inspire you to tackle other ways to have fun in the bedroom.


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